Math Tutoring

Algebra can be a tough subject and its probably the most common area of math that we tutor. It is one of the most important foundations in math, as a strong understanding will help students achieve success in more advanced courses such as calculus. Understanding a handful of important rules provides a basis for this high school course.

Common Functions:

y=mx+b or y=1x+0 or y=x

y=mx+b or y=1x+0 or y=x





During algebra tutoring, we can take two routes with students: help and encourage students to memorize the various laws, rules and theorems applicable to their course or offer them an introduction to the rules followed by detailed explanations and practice. The latter tends to be very successful because students can often refer back to the rules more successfully if they have had guided practice in implementing the rules. Instructors often permit students to refer to some of the following rules even during exams.

Exponent Rulesexponent laws
Binomial Theorembinomial theorem
Difference of Squaresdifference of squares


Assisting students with the learning process can be achieved in a number of different ways but it’s important to tailor the approach to what is most helpful to the student at a given time.

Typically, we begin by checking with each other: How was your test? Did your parents get the email we sent them regarding your homework questions? What would you like to work on today?

As we dive into the task at hand (typically working through homework problems) we’ll come across some stumbling blocks. Here, we often highlight the concept at hand and ask the student if they can identify how it may apply here. Having been in the students shoes before, we know this is where the real learning often occurs.


How much does tutoring cost? Usually between $50 to $70/hr. Rates are based on travel time for tutors and subject.

What can I do to get the best rate? Come to a place of convenience for the tutor. For example, if a tutor is already meeting a student from 330pm to 430pm at a cafe, you could follow from 430pm to 530pm to get a low rate.

Precalculus, Calculus and Statistics

We have several tutors with top grades in these challenging courses. These pre-med and engineering students from UW and other great schools have a great deal of expertise in these subjects and are very experienced tutors. Precalculus and Calculus are gateway classes to engineering, medicine, science and many other fascinating disciplines. One of our tutors has worked as a teaching assistant for a UW statistics course.


Schuyler is a thorough, effective math tutor. He’s patient and communicates well with our child, without being condescending. He’s been flexible to meet our scheduling needs. On his own initiative, Schuyler has emailed supplementary lessons for additional practice. After tutoring sessions, our son would tell us that Schuyler was very helpful. We recommend him! –Brian

Schuyler was a great tutor for my son. He was very flexible with my son schedule and learning style. He often emailed practice assignments based on what he was being taught in class. Schuyler is very positive and was able to recognize the gaps in my sons learning. I would highly recommend Schuyler if you are looking for an excellent math tutor. ~Linda

  Professional, accommodating, affordable and knowledgeable! Highly recommend if you need extra help with math!

thumb Seth A.

My daughter who was taking Physics as a senior in high school wrote this: Jeremy's deep understanding and excitement on the topic created a good learning environment. He was very welcoming to help me with the subject which in turn made me comfortable to ask as many questions as needed. Very good tutor and helped my grade in the class a ton!

Rima Ellard Avatar Rima Ellard
July 10, 2018

They combined the best of both worlds -- convenience and ease of using technology, and caring and thoughtful interpersonal skills -- to help my student get over a big hump and the anxiety that accompanied. We were in a time crunch and reached out, with a pretty specific subject need, and I knew that the wrong match between tutor and students could make things worse. I explained my student's situation in an email, and heard back promptly and with detail -- not just explaining how to get started, and different service delivery options, but giving me background on personality and experience from a few different tutors so that I could figure out the best "match" for our situation. I was really impressed. And then highly impressed with the ACTUAL tutoring and tutor. The mental block was eased, the snag was figured out and my student was back on track. It set a positive stage for starting high school, knowing that if there was a wrinkle, my student could get through it and knew the steps to self-advocate and work the problem. I've recommended them several times already, and will continue to do so. I think we'll be setting up regular check-in appts this year in a subject or two - so convenient that student can discuss with tutor while at home and in the evenings after sports.

Lisa Geisness Avatar Lisa Geisness
August 27, 2019

Used them for three years. Always very helpful and receptive to our students needs. Very highly recommended!

Dan Allison Avatar Dan Allison
November 19, 2019

Great experience! Quick response to a last-minute request for calculus help. Jeremy was great at quickly understanding where I was and clearly explained the concepts. I will definitely call them again.

Stephen Shettler Avatar Stephen Shettler
June 2, 2018

Seattle Tutoring services helped me get into calculus, my first math class in 10 years. After all my own independent review using online courses like Khan Academy it was helpful that I get brought up to speed with the help of someone who could help me focus on what I needed to learn to be best prepared for calculus. In my calculus class I was just as well equipped as students who had taken math the previous quarter and finished as one of the top students in the class. Follow up support, scholarship recommendations and educational advice were unexpected and generous support that continued after. Not necessarily a part of the tutoring service but a benefit of working with an educator passionate about helping their students.

Arica Schuett Avatar Arica Schuett
December 20, 2016

For questions about the test or tutoring, send us an email, or call/text 206.999.0666 . I typically respond within 2 hrs.