Aspiring Veterinarians

We are pleased to support students of all grades in achieving their dream of becoming a veterinarian. Sometimes referred to as pre-vet or pre-vetmed, these students face an uphill battle in gaining entrance to veterinary medicine schools in the US.

Vet Camps

For High School Students:

Staying busy over summer break is vital for high school students. And if they aspire to become a vet, why not pursue a summer camp. Here’s a list of known programs:

  1. Cornell summer program
  2. Tufts Adventures in Vet Med
  3. U Minnesota Vetcamp
  4. OSU Summer Veterinary Experience
  5. Purdue Boiler Vet Camp
  6. Gould Academy
  7. Western U Summer Camp
  8. Texas A & M Vet Sci Summer Camp

For College Students:

GRE prep

Aspiring vets must take to GRE to apply to vetmed school. It consists of rigorous materials not unlike the SAT or ACT. 

Admissions Essay

We provide a two part review for essays: a review by our test prep expert doctor of veterinary medicine.