Homeschooling Resources

During this difficult time, parents and childcare providers may be seeking resources to help with homeschooling or tutoring their children. We tend to tutor math, physics, biology and chemistry so I will focus on those subjects:

  • Khan Academy The math and science courses are personalized by your skill level and with skill assessments. The videos are great resources because you can pause and review any material that didn’t make sense the first time. You can always slow playback speed if the instructor speaks too fast.
  • Steve Spangler Science Lots of fun hands on experiments here
  • NSF catalog of math and science resources
  • Bird Sleuth by Cornell Ornithology offers everything from the notorious owl pellet dissection kit to the free “Investigating Evidence” downloadable curriculum. A great adjunct to any local park visit, especially in the spring.

Let me know if you have any questions about resources or tutoring: or text/call 206-999-0666